Why bankers are becoming... QLD

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | Full-time


Over the past 2 years, here at Lendi, we are hearing about more and more Bankers are wanting to go out on their own and build their own mortgage Broking Business.  The main reasons bankers are making this transition is:

  • Freedom from the 9-5
  • Access to more lenders which means better outcomes for your customers
  • Freedom from  bank bureaucracy
  • To secure their own future
  • Take ownership of their time and their efforts
  • To build something for yourself

However, one of the main reasons is that under the banking model your earnings are capped regardless of your efforts or performance. 


How many times have you had to pitch for a discretionary bonus you're entitled to.  You've had a great year. You’ve achieved all targets, cross sell and NPS- only to be told by a manager or Exco that

  • Due to prevailing circumstances the bonus pool has been reduced.
  • You haven’t achieved your NPS because poor backend processes or systems that caused significant delays in the loan process

Or maybe you just had a personality clash with your direct line manager and was just unable to convince them you should be properly rewarded for your efforts.


When you join Lendi your earnings are uncapped!!! As it is your commitment to your customers and your business that will  determine your earning potential!


At Lendi our Brokers enjoy: 

  • A World Leading Mortgage Origination Platform
  • Industry Leading Sales Tool at the POS (Point of Sale)
  • 15-20+ Pre-Qualified Lendi-sourced Customer Appointments held per month (so no leads for you to source or manage)
  • Comprehensive Training & Development program
  • A Designated Sales Coach / Business Manager
  • Fully-centralised loan administration & processing provided at zero cost - all back end processing done from AOL through to settlement
  • No Fees (induction and operational charges at our expense)
  • No mentoring fees or reduced commissions for new entrants
  • Highly competitive commission structure (upfront and trail paid on all deals).


Should you wish to learn more about the transition from the Bank to becoming a Broker, please apply and this will register your interest (commitment free) for one of our information sessions - Our talent team will be in touch!


This represents an opportunity to join one of Australia's most innovative technology finance companies with a truly compelling offer.