Seeking bankers ready to become mortgage brokers - VIC

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | Full-time


Have you been actively looking to start your own broking business? 

Perhaps you are working from home and love the flexibility … why not make that a part of your everyday life?

We know what most bankers want.... Is this you too?

  • Freedom from the 9-5
  • Freedom from bank bureaucracy
  • To secure their own future
  • Take ownership of their time and their efforts
  • To build something for themselves


Under the banking model, is your time maximised to its best? How many times have you had to double enter the same information into 2 or 5 different systems per customer? 


At Lendi… we have 1 integrated system… yes ONE … from initial interview to submission, settlement & beyond. The good news is we all use it! Meaning you get the benefit of any information already held when dealing with customers.


Are you tired of pitching more bank products to customers… simply because you’re told to? What if your customer doesn't actually want or need it? At Lendi… we just do home loans. Lots of them.


And the best thing is at Lendi your earnings are uncapped!!! It is your commitment to your customers and your business that will  determine your earning potential! 


At Lendi our Brokers enjoy: 

  • A World Leading Mortgage Origination Platform
  • Industry Leading Sales Tool at the POS (Point of Sale)
  • 15-20+ Pre-Qualified Lendi-sourced Customer Appointments held per month (so no leads for you to source or manage) 
  • Comprehensive Training & Development program
  • A Designated Sales Coach / Business Manager
  • Fully-centralised loan administration & processing provided at no monthly cost - all back end processing done from AOL through to settlement 
  • No Fees (induction and operational charges at our expense) 
  • No mentoring fees or reduced commissions for new entrants
  • Highly competitive commission structure (upfront and trail paid on all deals).


Should you wish to learn more about the transition from the Bank to becoming a Broker, please apply and this will register your interest (commitment free) for one of our information sessions - Our talent team will be in touch!


This represents an opportunity to join one of Australia's most innovative technology finance companies with a truly compelling offer.